About Us

About Us

The word “Hakatha” means energy in the Maldivian Dhivehi language.
In 1985, Hakatha was one of the first parties to introduce contemporary fuel services to the Maldives, such as fuel dispensing stations, fuel delivery service, car & engine-care products, and lubricating oils.

Hakatha, a founding member of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was first established as a sole proprietorship. However in 2011 Hakatha Maldives Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated as a family-run business, and expanded to introduce a chain of build-ware and furniture outlets. Since 1992, Hakatha has been a steadfast at providing local needs for construction materials & hardware, home appliances, paints, plumbing accessories, furniture, tools, and machinery.

Hakatha has been distributing Pedrollo water pumps in the Maldives for over 25 years. Made in Italy, Pedrollo’s quality product range covers most applications in the domestic, civil, agricultural and industrial fields. Our range of products are imported from Singapore, India, Indonesia, China, Dubai, Italy, and the UK.

Hakatha distributes through wholesale and retail mainly to the Greater Male’ City, Maldives. On selected sales, after-sales services are offered, such as assembly at site, free delivery to addresses in Male’, Hulhule’, Hulhumale’ and up to ferry boats of other islands.

Managing Director:
Mrs. Aishath Seema Saleem

Company registration no: 

1009 309 GST 501